Lord Howe Island.

We’ll here we come. Our second attempt at visiting LHI. https://lordhoweisland.info

LHI. A two hour flight from Sydney.

The first was for our 40th wedding anniversary 7 years ago! It was cancelled at the last moment – at Sydney airport, as the wind was too strong for the plane to land on the island.

Last year – during covid we saw there was a swim week advertised on LHI. As we weren’t able to travel overseas for our much loved swim treks – https://www.swimtrek.com, we decided to book this one.

Arranged through Pinetrees Lodge, https://pinetrees.com.au , it sounded just right. Great location , good accommodation, good food, nice swims and led by Trevor Hendy.

Sounded perfect. Then in December I broke my arm. A plate and several pins later I realised I wouldn’t be swimming the required 2-3km morning swims.

I rang to cancel. It seems it was being cancelled anyway as our former Australian Lifesaver champion Trevor is not vaccinated so could not get into the island.

We decided to go anyway and enjoy it after all the rehab we have been doing. Me for my arm, Steve for his knee replacement. A reward!

All we had to do was stay covid free.

Somehow we have managed that and are sitting at the airport hoping we do in fact take off in an hour.

I’ve been in touch with the island and have booked us a boat trip to Ball’s Pyramid a trip around the island with Peter at https://lordhoweisland.info/experiences/tours/chase-n-thyme/. Peter has been so helpful.

There is little – or no wifi at Pinetrees so I won’t be posting until I get home.

The qantas magazine just happened to have a little article on LHI. So it’s meant to be.