Last Day in Italy

Last night dinner at La Serra

 We had a lovely last day. We went to a beautiful spot for dinner. A little village called La Serra. Roberta knows the owner and he is a very good chef.  We wandered around the village first / got some cute little italian boy to take our photo / he was about 6 and very lively.
Then we wandered down to the restaurant for a beautiful dinner. Complementary fried Polenta and sardines. Then followed soups and fish and pork / all yummy. Not to forget the limoni gelato.

It is hard to believe our time in Liguria has come to an end. It,s been so lovely so special being with my two nieces.
This morning we had a little party for Berties birthday. She is 31 and being away from Fabio and the family is hard for her. But she is so great. We shared a Tanti aguri song and then we went to Sarzana for coffee. We ran into Ilaria / the Italian teacher. She is such a funny person. She told us she had met a girl from Australia and it turned out to be the girl we met yesterday at Castlenuovo. The girl who might visit rob in Barca.

We caught the train and arrived in Milan for a good nights sleep before Russia.
Heard from Phoebe Rouse / she is all organised and coming to meet us in St Petersburgh.
Now to dinner our last in Italy. Oh my / what will I choose!
Love fran

A toast to Bertie for her Birthday

One thought on “Last Day in Italy

  1. You seem to spend a lot of time eating Fran! Not that I can blame you with all that lovely Italian food! I've been drooling over your posts and photos and wish I could be over there too. Enjoy and looking forward to the next leg of your travels. Ciao, Ros


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