Finally a computer!
We arrived in Moscow and everything went smoothly in  a cab to the hotel. We did well. It was a lovely little hotel really handy to Red Square and all the sights.Lovely rooms and really good staff.
The reason I comment is because in St Petersburg – not so lucky. Hotel not what I would choose! Shame as Phoebe Rouse has now joined us and She and Pip are sharing a small space. Never mind as The weather is fantastic.
We spent yesterday walking,walking, walking and then had to rest before dinner as we had all missed sleep the night before – us because we left Moscow on the Red Arrow train an overnight experience! It was good fun but not great for my sleep. Phoebe had an overnighter from London. So after a good rest we walked some more and found a place called the Idiot! It was recommended some time ago as a good place for drinks and dinner. It was fun and we all had a vodka definately the drink of the country. Yes it’s all true.
St Petersburg and Moscow are BIG GRAND and lacking good places to eat. We took in a Mozart Concert in Moscow and tonight go to the Kirov ballet in St P.Such luxury.
I will try and upload tomorrow now we have found our  hotel- though not really up to scratch,  does have free internet and a good breakfast.
Also the wedding tradition has continued! We have seen weddings all over St P. Always having photos and looking seductive in their frilly over the top gowns
Keep looking and I hope to have photos.

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