Hello from Vilnius airport . We are now waiting for our flight to connect to Stockholm through Riga. It’s delayed due to SNOW – not here but In Riga. Amazing. We are now getting to Stockholm about 8 tonight. The perils of travel. No wonder we like the Lux coaches we have been using for our little trip through the Baltic countries .
To amuse ourselves we are using the free wifi to send email, write my blog and Steve is now amusing himself looking at his iPhone app on flights in the area. I think he might interfere  with their flight plans!

We enjoyed Vilnius very much. It is very green and has some beautiful buildings. The scariest museum we looked at was the KBG one. It was very scary to think that people here were still be killed or sent to labour camps in Siberia u til the 80’s. It was chilling. The poor people from these countries. The Russians are paranoid and I think even today they keep track of people thou they dont know why . Getting a visa , where you stay , leaving the country – all under great scrutiny .

We also went to a lovely piano recital in the art museum by a lady of Swedish/ Japanese heritage. She was quite old late 60’s but so strong in her playing and all by memory
more soon off to lunch……