Lovely day in St Petersburg

Hello from St P.
We have had such a good time here – there are 4 of us now and lots of walking.
Last night we glammed up a little and went to the Kirov Ballet at the beautiful Marinisky Theatre. It was a great production of Spartacus. It’s so different even going to the theatre. It started late – everyone just had to cloak their coat ( that cold weather creates another hazard  THE COAT) then have a drink (Russian bubbles is not great) then pose for photos! It all takes time so they were late starting. We were in a little box  – kind of sitting side on but curved towards the stage. The production was great. Very strong athletic preformances. Huge cast and lovely leading ladies and men (though the girls thought them a little on the gaydar) . There were 2 intervals between the acts – which both lasted 30 mins or so. The crowd move slow here though they certainly know how to push. Although it was thrilling to watch we were a little starving. It started at 7 and finished at 10.45. We caught a taxi back to near our hotel and tried 3 places before finding a restaurant that would serve food at 11pm. It was an ENGLISH pub!
Today a slow start – then a lovely boat ride up the river out to the gulf of Finland and to the Sumer Palace. It is gorgeous there . We walked took photos of the stuning fountains – worked out the ticketing. The Russians haven’t quite worked out how to ticket things to make it easy. A ticket for the ferry , a ticket when you arrive to get into the gardens, a ticket at the Palace to get in a ticket to see the boat house! We worked up a hunger so stopped by the water in the warm sunshine and had soup and mulled wine. YUM.
Ferry back and into the Winter Palace – to use the toilets the internet and make a copy of our photos onto DVD. Pip leaves tomorrow about noon and Phoebe about 4pm. All very sad as we’ve loved having their company.
Pip is off for a grand adventure in London. Please excuse any mistakes – don’t have time to preview!.
Photos next time as they will be on DVD. I hope.
Love to all