Where will I be?

Last day and I’m busy doing last minute things………. running in ever increasing circles. I just want to get on the plane.
Where will I be?
July 28 –  London
29th –
30th – London
August 1  – Arrive ireland 3 days in Dunblin
4th – Kilkenny
5th-6th  – Kenmare
7th  – Dingle
8th –  Doolin
9th  – Galway
10th  – ?
Sat 11th – London . St Paul’s Cathedral for a concert
12th – Pick up Pip and head for Henley on Thames
13th Highclere castle – Downton Abbey tour. Night at Portsmouth
14th- 15th –  Arundel
16th – Canturbury
17th –
18th  – Gatwick flight to Pisa. Goodbye to Steve…. Hello to Pat, my friends from Italian class : LERICI
18th – 25th – Lerici
25-8th Sept – LUCCA.  1st week with Pat:  2nd week sister  Catherine arrives.
8-11th – FLORENCE
11th-14th ROME. Friends from schooldays NArelle and Anne arrive. Apartment in Campo di Fiori
14th-19th – Collect our leased car and drive to SPELLO in Umbria
19th-22nd – Lake Garda. Le Corte apartments BARDOLINO
22- 29th – ARQUA PETRACA near Padua. Jill and Chris Wilson and Geoff and Lindy Shaw arrive.
29th – 6th. SAN GIMIGINANO : Farwell to Narelle, Anne, Lindy and Geoff and welcome Peter and Carmel Harrison.
6th Drive to AOSTA near Turin
7th  – MACON  France (recently seen on the Tour de France)
8th-13th  – AMBOISE in the Loire Valley.
13th – 20th – PARIS    witht he Harrisons. Farewell Steve.xxx
20th-27th – SANCERRE  in the Loire with Carmel. Off to taste the vino/van/wine!   
27th-10th – San Remo -an Italian language school
11th – 18th – Cotignac in Provence with Margaret and John Brannock.
22nd – Fly home Farwell adventure!

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