Arrived in the Olympic city after a great flight -business class upgrade helped!
Met Erin McGregor (waterpolo Sam’s wife) at the airport and travelled to the Ibis  to meet Sam’s parents. Peter and Liz. Showered,  chatted and got a big car -lots of bags! To drive us to our house near Docklands.  London looks great for  the games and even the traffic flowed. The men’s cycling was on so we went the long way round to our house. All excited ! Steve jumped out to collect his tickets from co-sport and Peter and Liz went to get their tickets from waterpolo Aus. That left Erin and I to wait for the lady to let us in the  house. And…….

Wait wait wait. We sat on the ground until neighbours from other little houses in the mews type of place started to chat and offered us chairs, drinks, and even access to her house . Such friendly people! But where was the lady delivering the key for the owners -who were off to Canada to spend all the money we paid to rent their house !Eventually Scott arrived and was shocked to find us camped outside the house contemplating a break in. He rang the lady, found she had only waited 12 min for us before leaving. Not a great start!
But it all turned out o – we got in  so we went to our local The Gun had drinks and dinner and watched the Aussie girls win the 4+100 relay.

We were getting ready for bed when music started up in the house . What a shock. Turns out it was the door bell! there was Marcus one of the friendly neighbours wondering if we had any tickets to sell! Ten minutes and 195 pounds later….. I was about to get into bed when…… The theme from the Godfather started up again. This time it was Mike another neighbour hoping we had got in ok and if we wanted any pizza! And so to sleep.


Had a great nights sleep before Steve and I headed off  to Horse Guards for morning Chapel for a beautiful service of good music and lovely singing. Then lunch with Phoebe Rouse and her man
Warren. What a great time we had-lots of talk and laughs all in a fun setting . Gordon’s wine bar in
Villers St Embankment. Phoebe and I had a huge catch up and. Steve I checked out Warren for her
parents! We approve J&P. You will like him and we can see he makes Phoebe very happy.

While we were doing this the others were off at the first waterpolo game. Sadly they lost to Italy 8-5.
Everyone met up at the house and after much discussion of the game we headed out the The Gun for
drinks and dinner. It was a beautiful night and The Gun looks across tot he big stadium O2? where the basket ball is being played.

Highlights of the day: Cruising home along the Thames after lunch. The river was busy, the sights spectacular and even a few little showers didn’t spoil the day.

One thought on “LOVELY LONDON

  1. It sounds like the Maitlands have settled into life in London very well. Love the blog – now just have to remember to check it regularly! Travel safe!!


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