Last days in Lucca

The last few days have been busy and lots of fun. On Thursday after class , I had my hair cut. Under our building I had noticed a hairdressing salon. It looked good – and I was quite amused to hear music coming out of the salon during siesta. Beatles music sung by a man on guitar. “what would you do if I sang out of tune!” well Catherine and I nearly called out ” we’d shut the window! Anyway on my way to class we stopped in and I made an appointment.
So after class I returned and we started.
Lovely Guissepi , told me in Italian that he worked on his own as he loved hairdressing and wasn’t ready to retire. I asked him about the singing and he admitted that he loved the Beatles! He said he was born in 1952 (same as me) and grew  up with their music! I told him I was a big fan as well. So we  chatted in Italian ( and sometimes English when I  forgot a word) . He complimented my hairdresser in Brisbane and said I had a very good stylist! So I’ll have to tell Nea! After finishing the hair we rushed to the wall of the city where we met the other members of our class to get the bus to Villa Mainochi. My teacher Stefano took us and was”tour guide” . He’s very nice but doesn’t know when to stop talking! The “fatorria” was situated about half an hour out of Lucca . It was really beautiful and we toured the vineyard and the gardens. Italian gardens are so different to gardens in England and France. They are for produce more than just to admire! After the tour we went into the cellar and tasted the olives, oil, cheese, meats and of course lots of different wines. What a great  afternoon. All the class became much better friends after this! We had some wonderful Irish dancing by Finnoula and Frances!

The next day after class ( our last day) we again had to rush off as we were being
picked up by Sue ( a friend of Catherine’s from Sydney Italian class) and her Italian partner Pierre Luigi. They took us to Torre del Lago where we had a lovely lunch and then visited Puccini’s house. Sue has written a book on him so has a wealth of knowledge about him. Music was playing as we toured the house and there was a very good collection memorabilia.
After that we went along to ViaReggio – a sprawling beach resort with some wonderful ” Liberty ” style buildings.


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