Last day together in Florence

We had our last day together in Florence. It was beautiful. Strolling the streets , rounding a corner to see the glittering walls of the Duomo, the slow moving Arno River, the vespers zipping around the corners. A visit  to the Medici Chapel had me downloading a book about the Medici reign onto my Kindle. 
A little treat  was a visit to the Gucci Museum! It’s in prime position in the piazza opposite David and is in an ancient Palazzo. What a charming place. The history of the label spread over 3 floors. Fascinating social history. We got a little weary and stopped in the reading room for a glass of wine and a view over the Piazza. All really lovely. 
I had a little treat for myself as well. 
I bought ( after careful negotiation – skills honed in Beijing)! A beautiful ring , on the Ponte di Vecchio- a kind of retirement 
present to myself. It’s white gold with coloured stones around the ring. Really  lovely. 
Then back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. After dinner we were leaving the restaurant when I bumped into Mark Allen I naturally asked  where Annette was – to be told her father had
passed away and she had gone home for the funeral. Sad time for
them . She’ll be back in a week so Mark was still with their friends.
Annette and I taught at St Joseph’s together .

Back to the hotel to pack my slightly bulging bag, bed and a
restless night . Must be sad about leaving Cathering but excited
about seeing old school friends.

Catching the train at 10.48 to Rome. Catherine off to Bologna. Hope I get to meet the girls ok! 

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