Wifi is difficult to get but found it today free in the lovely little piazza in Spello .

Sitting now with some very fashionable nonnas who are into their fashion. They are all beautifully dressed and are talking about their clothes. All have lovely leather shoes on, beautifully done hair, and big sunnies. They are gorgeous to watch and listen to.

Managed to collect the car and find our way out of Rome on a wet rainy day. Not too stressful and “Out lady of directions” as we call the nat sav is very quiet sometimes and gives directions at the last minute which puts us off.
Arrived lovely Spello in the afternoon only 15 mins late and got into our lovely apartment after walking down quite a steep rocky  path. All good going down but we are slightly worried about dragging the bags back up.
The apartment is wonderful and I could stay a month just here.
The first day we got to know Spello and then in the afternoon went to nearby Foligno for a big festival called Quintana . It is something everyone should experience but beware, they say it started at 9.15 pm so we got to the town in a booked taxi at around 5 to walk the town watch the preparations etc which was all fun. It reminded me of the festival we went to in Chuisi when with Ginetta and Wendy back in 2001. Only this one started late . 9.15 came and went and it became windy and cold we walked around , everyone else looked quite happy to line the barriers with nothing happening but we were getting a little anxious as we were being picked up again but the taxi and 10.15. Well the time passed and we saw them wandering around loosely forming into parade style in magnificent costume . The horses  were dressed and everyone young and old were parading and just as the main thing was starting we left! Never mind there is always another time.

Next day the weather was gorgeous so we headed off to the wine festival in nearby Montefalco. Is a lovely hill town and was packed with the young and gorgeous all with festival bag around their neck with their wine glass in storage for all the tastings.
Headed off to Bevagna another gorgeous little town. Had our usual gelato and toured the quiet Sunday streets. Came upon a palazzo that had been converted into a beautiful hotel and got ourselves a little tour around with a gorgeous young woman. Such a lovely way to pass the time.

Back home to Spello for a gorgeous dinner at our local trattoria. Heaven and many laughs with Anne and Narelle.

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