Lake Garda

Today we changed locations and the difference between a charming hill town – Spello – and a smart lake side holiday place- Bardolino- is amazing. The drive took about 5 hours and was freeway all the way . I did all the driving ( wow even I’m impressed) and some of it was in the rain . Narelle and Anne are great to travel with and we had lots of laughs along the way. We arrived in Bardolino on Lake Garda and the sun shone.

Our apartment is big and right in the center of town, a  block back from the lake. We went for a long walk along the lakeside and spotted many German tourists, bike rider galore, joggers, lovers, duck feeder, a clarinetist sitting on a rock by the water playing a haunting melody, ferries arriving and leaving, rows of colourful flowers, decking going for miles, people sitting in bars sipping on the drink of choice for an aperitif – Aperol and Prosecco spritz . It wa all very charming. We returned to the unit to have a shower and off to a seafood restaurant next to the apartment and the heavens opened!

After a lovely dinner we are back in the unit preparing for a well deserved rest.

Just let me tell you about the parking at the Apartment. We had to book a spot before to secure one of only 8 spots. We couldn’t see how to get into it as it all courtyard in front of the apartment.
The lady said to drive in the gate and wait. She pressed a button and out of the ground came a garage rising from the floor like something from a stage show. It was hysterical to watch it appear ( with a table from the courtyard restaurant still on the top!
I then had to drive the car in , hop out and she pressed another button and the car slowly disappeared into the depths below and the floor of the garage all covered with  courtyard tiles settle back into position. What a show!
I then went down some stairs and drove it out of the garage and into one of the 8 spots! Italian technology. Wish I could post a picture.


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