Bardolino to Padova

First of all please excuse typos! It’s hard to type on the iPad when you can’t see what you are typing!

Yesterday we packed up and yes dear readers,  for some it was difficult because of the extra few things purchased at the very good Barolino markets.
We drove the A1 to padova and then on to Rusticolucia about half and hour south. It was a beautiful afternoon , sun shining and the countryside looking green  due to the recent rain. When we got to the house Chris and Jill had just arrived and were having a tour with the delightful Camilla. She is the daughter of the owners and has very good English. Her parents from Verona arrived a short time later and were just the most gorgeous couple. They had wine and a beautiful marmelatta tart waiting for us.

We went up to the nearby village- yes all up hill , for lunch and a little while later  Lindy and Geoff arrived at the nearby station Monselice. So we had all made it to Rusticolucia without mishap.

After sorting rooms- there are 5 bedrooms -so we all got our own rooms in various colours , we set off for the supermarket. What a hoot. All 7 of us wandering around selecting the food for the night and the wine to be drunk!
We decided to cook one of the recipes I had done on the cooking class in Lucca. Porcini mushrooms with prawns over fettuccine !
Geoff and Chris organised the drinks using the ice ( so hard to find) to chill it down. After a lovely welcome drink on the terrace outside our holiday together had officially begun. Only thing missing was Steve!

We discussed the next few days and sorted out where we wanted to go and tomorrow it will be to nearby Padua.
Sadly my school friends Narelle and Anne ( queen of logic – sorry Ann Graham but Anne V topped the state in logic) will be leaving us on Wednesday. It’s been wonderful having them here and renewing our 45+ years of friendship. Yesterday they gave me a beautiful scarf with hand stitching- I had admired it and they wanted to thank me , so bought it as a present. It’s gorgeous. 

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