Tuesday: Beautiful Venice

An early start – down to Monselice station and a prima classe seat to Venice. We arrived in brilliant sunshine. Walking out of the station and seeing the busy waterway, the voices, the huge church opposite, the water taxi, people wheeling suitcases and suddenly you feel like you have walked onto a movie set.
We went to the ticket office and negotiated the ticket price for the new vapporetta Grand Canal ride. It was 25 euro and was good value for what we wanted. We decided to visit Burano, the lace island. Only Chris and Jill had been there before. We discussed how to get there and decided one ferry ride would be good . Well an hour or so later we had toured all the waterways of Venice and arrived at Burano . It was warm and sunny and the buildings looked gorgeous in the bright little colours- red, blue, green , pink, really beautiful. W walked, admired the lace and found a good place for lunch. After a walk around and a spot of shopping we headed back to Venice. The boys (Geoff and Chris) have been great. Very accommodating towards the 5 women. Very patient. 
When we got back we decided to separate and do what we wanted as wandering with 7 people is molto difficile ! So I headed off to tour the Opera House La Fenice. It is beautiful. I did my own little tour and loved seeing it all.
We met again at the railway station at 6.30 as the last train home was at 7 pm. 
Sadly I missed seeing friends Brian and Pauline Jordan who were arriving in Venice later in the night

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