Today we had another lovely breakfast looking towards the towers of San Gimignano. It is so awesome. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful spot.

The house is located at the end of a gravel drive  and is owned by a family named Montignani. Maris, Antonella, Roberto ( handsome son) and daughter Barbara who runs the business.

It is built using the stone and building materials from a house in northern Tuscany. They took 10 years to build the house and it is gorgeous. The visitors live upstairs and the family down – though you don’t see them much at all.

So we drove to Siena and found a great parking spot and went up the longest  escalators to reach the old town.

The weather was fantastic and the town busy but not overcrowded. Carmel and I walked the main street and did a little shopping. We met the boys for lunch at the Campo and imagined the fun it would be to be there during the Palio. After lunch we went walking and found the best shoes. The  lady there was so knowledgeable about shoes and feet. Carmel and I were in awe. She also told us we had patient husbands as they were waiting outside. She went on to tell us Italian men were not great partners.

We explored the back streets , saw the flags of the different communes, lights to match them, washing hanging across the road.
Peter and Carmel bought a beautiful tapestry. It showed The Kiss! It was really lovely and Steve declared that Pete won the shopping.

We returned home and decided to go to the restaurant Barbara suggested. It was 20 mins away but seemed to take for ever driving through the dark country side. We arrived at Casa Mais  outside Montelione and what a night. It was gorgeous. Atmosphere was just so lovely and the food very Tuscan and beautifully presented. I had a pork dish and loved it. It has a B&B on site so people can stay there . Google Borgo San Benedetto Montelione .

Got home tired but happy . Thank you Steve for driving. 

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