Sunday in Paris

Woke to beautiful blue skies after sleeping (and sometimes not sleeping) in a very comfy bed. Walked to the Musee d’Orsay and joined the queue. It took about half an hour so we were in by 10.30 which was good. We made a beeline for the exhibition Impressionists al la mode. It showed how the  impressionist painters painted  people in every day situations -in the clothes they wore for different occasions. A really interesting exhibition.

We walked around the beautiful space of the Musee some more then decided on an early lunch in the beautiful restaurant as Carmel had to get a taxi at 2.30 for the airport. 

I was so so sad to see her go. I’ll be lost with out my buddy. Thank You Carmel for being a great friend and spending time exploring Italy and France with me. I’ll miss you. 

After she left, feeling a little sad, I walked  and explored other areas of the Musee and then as it was such a Beautiful Day I went to the Luxembourg Gardens. 

The weather was fine and sunny so there were loads of people of all ages. 
This is what I saw:

Tennis players belting balls -some good and most not so good but no grunting which was a great. 

Lovers walking holding hands and stopping for a kiss every now and then.
People reclining in the green chairs they provide and everyone can move around to a spot they choose. It’s wonderful. There are hundreds of green chairs – some are semi-reclining and others  more upright. All occupied , though you didn’t have to wait long to secure one. Some people were snoozing in them – others chatting, watching children play, watching tennis, reading. 
I saw pony rides – little children sitting tall on ponies with their mums and dads running alongside. 
An area roped off for children – all peddling little cars around a course of cones. I’m not sure if the cars were their own or were provided like the deck cars are. But it looked fabulous fun.
The lake had dozens of sailing boats with excited kids and more excited dads controlling them. 
A band was playing in a corner and had a group of people dancing along. 
People drinking coffee
Chasing balls.
The fit – all running around the perimeter . 
A young lady stretching – much to the appreciation of a group of young men. 
Groups of chess players complete with their timing bells. All you could hear in that area were little bells and cheering.
I had a wonderful time just watching and taking a few photos. 
I then wandered down Bvd St Michel and into St Germaine. I went to Mass (in Spanish) and then bought some dinner to take home. By 7pm I was tired and headed for the comfort of this apartment. 
I will be planning my days to fit as much in as possible. 
Next week it’s back to Italy and a language school before joining John and Margaret Brannock in their new house in Provence.

Back to Paris

We drove back to Paris and I must say I have been very comfortable driving here. I think I might forget how to drove on the other side when I return! 

We got back and the pace picked up again after the sleepy Sancerre countryside . 

Carmel is in a hotel as I’ve  taken a small flat for the next week and she wouldn’t fit in. 

So I arrived at my apartment for the week and got settled. Its on the left bank on Rue l’universite about two. Streets behind the Musee  D’Orsay. A very nice area full of decorating shops . At least I won’t be tempted to buy – the lamps, rugs footstools, etc are safe from me! Maybe a little chandelier? The apartment turned out to be a winner! I’ll be very happy here. It’s so comfortable Carmel commented if it’s cold I might be tempted not to go out at all! But I promise I will. 

We had afternoon tea, complete with the macaroon with Carmel’s friend Annie. She’s a lovely lady and I’ve really enjoyed meeting her. She is the one who has selected my hairdresser next week! 
Afterwards we had a dinner at a local brasserie. It was rustic French food and I was a little sad as Carmel leaves tomorrow. 
After a bad nights sleep (always bad on the first night for some strange reason) we turned our clocks back for the end of daylight saving.

Goodbye Sancerre and the Loire ….Back to Paris

We finished our  stay in the wine area of the Loire with two great dinners after exploring the area. 

Thursday night we walked through the rain swept street of the village to arrive at the restaurant La pomme d’or. It was so tastefully set up and we started with a beautiful Savignon and then a Pinot. The food was lovely and the host and her chef husband very friendly .

I have found the French in these small villages really very friendly and more than happy to have a chat. I think it’s because they are starved for conversation because, as I have told you, there are so few people on the streets. They really keep to themselves. But when you find one in a shop or museum they are more than happy to chat on and on.

On Friday night we went to La Tour – a Michelin star restaurant and it was as predicted very good. The food had a refinement that wasn’t there in other very good places we have eaten. 

One star down  four to go!

We packed tonight . Oh boy the bags are shrinking I think! Carmel leaves on Sunday so has to be very good at arranging her bags to get them on the plane. 
Back to Paris tomorrow .