Goodbye Sancerre and the Loire ….Back to Paris

We finished our  stay in the wine area of the Loire with two great dinners after exploring the area. 

Thursday night we walked through the rain swept street of the village to arrive at the restaurant La pomme d’or. It was so tastefully set up and we started with a beautiful Savignon and then a Pinot. The food was lovely and the host and her chef husband very friendly .

I have found the French in these small villages really very friendly and more than happy to have a chat. I think it’s because they are starved for conversation because, as I have told you, there are so few people on the streets. They really keep to themselves. But when you find one in a shop or museum they are more than happy to chat on and on.

On Friday night we went to La Tour – a Michelin star restaurant and it was as predicted very good. The food had a refinement that wasn’t there in other very good places we have eaten. 

One star down  four to go!

We packed tonight . Oh boy the bags are shrinking I think! Carmel leaves on Sunday so has to be very good at arranging her bags to get them on the plane. 
Back to Paris tomorrow .

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