Vincenzo , son of our driver.
Great shop selling lots of fish
Main fountain in Ortygia
We arrived in Ortygia from Noto with a driver organised by our host at the B&B in Noto. He was a lovely man and had his small son with him. I practiced my Italian with the little boy. Always good to speak to children. They don’t think you are so bad!
Our arrival into Ortygia was great. It’s a small island connected by a bridge and is just lovely. Our hotel,  the  ROMA was easily found and is right in the centre of town. Perhaps closer to the water would be good but we figured we wouldn’t be in the hotel all that much. And I was right!
Popular swimming spot in 35% heat
Local lads showing off!
In the back streets of Ortygia
Steve wandering the waterfront
Local swimming spot



Onto is a wonderful little baroque city with a magnificent cathedral.

We stayed at a wonderful B&B. It’s a big house and is now run by the son. His father had been a doctor and there Erene display cabinets set up showing the instruments he used in his practice.
An  over night stay here is a good idea to soak up the atmosphere.