Swim trek Day 2

Today we started at 9 am so no real rush.Breakfast with some of the group and then a walk to the jetty.Our bigger boat arrived with Marco the driver. We all squashed aboard and towed the 2 rubber duckies as support vehicles behind.

Crossed over to another island and Franesco explained today’s plan. A 4 km swim, lunch, walk, rest then a 2.5 swim. Ohhhh I thought another ride in the rubber duckie with Francesco as 4 km is beyond me. I dropped in half way and it was probably the hardest part if the swim. I missed the beautiful sandy bay near the closed down abandoned club med style resort.

I made it! Yah to me. Then we had a rest and lunch – a lovely pasta salad, followed by a walk up the hill to see the view and the stone statue of Ciano, father of Count Ciano, Mussolini’s son in law. Amazing stone statue in 3 parts now. Lots of photos.

Back to the boat and motored off to start the next swim. Only 2.5km! But by now it was quite windy and the current was running – fortunately in the direction of the swim.

I dropped in half way and swam probably 1.5km

Back to the hotel for clean up and a few drinks, then short rest before a group dinner at the hotel.

Lovely day and the swimming was fine. Getting used to it little by little.

Writing this before dinner. So more news later.

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