The 3 islands swim

Biggest swim today -for me!

We motored off on Marco’s boat and arrived at the first island, admired the “pink” beach then moved a little down the coast and off we went.

The first swim was 5 km and I started a little behind the first group, swam the channel, had a little break then finished with the group at the most gorgeous  bay – Santa Maria. I must have swum about 3.5 km . I can hardly believe it. A week ago the furthest I had ever swum was 1km.

We stopped for lunch and rest time and swam a little in the crystal waters then set off at 2.30 for the next 2km along the coast to the lighthouse. I did more than half – so all up around 4. 5km! 
There I go

Lunch was a gorgeous pasta dish with salad. Francesco with his bandana prepares a pretty good lunch.

Francesco making lunch

The ride back was just a little rough as the wind has come up a little. 

Now in the hotel having a coffee followed by a Aperol Spritz. Dinner out with the group tonight. They are such a fun group. All starting to bond.

Tony, Kerrie, Chicca, Steve, Isabelle, Liz and Peter

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