Porto to Calvi. Sunday 7 th

Now the swim trek has finished we are enjoying our time in Corsica..

It’s spectacular. If you watched the first few days of the Tour you would have seen it then. The road we are travelling is so winding and narrow. Very slow going but so beautiful. We went on a 3 hour boat trip up the coast to the Scandola National Park. It was lovely on the boat just cruising along. Saw some spectacular rock formations, assorted bird life and fish. Had a swim at Giralato where we stopped for half an hour.

gorgeous scenery

Back to Porto and then back in the car for a drive along the winding coast road to Calvi.
It was very warm and Steve’s school friend now living in London (with a holiday house in Algajola near here) told us about visiting the Fango River for a swim. We had to scramble over rocks but getting in was a joy. All bubbly and a little like a spa.

Enjoying the free spa in the
Fango River

We dried off and continued to Calvi which is a port attracting the most incredible leisure boats. We sat in the late afternoon drinking cocktails, admiring the super yachts (and sometimes laughing at the antics of the owners). Boy! there is some money wrapped up in these big babies.

Steve’s favourite yacht . Classy!

Walking further along the port, music from the “party” yacht attracted our attention. It was a party for Diesel and all the beautiful young things were boarding for a good time. Great fun watching them wobbling along on super heels to party central.

Sat at another bar and some of the owners of the super yachts came in and air kissed everyone in sight. Not us – we are invisible tourists! They are a type. All tanned – thin, brown, wrinkled, fair haired women; and fat, longish haired, long sleeved linen shirts with the sleeves rolled back, sunglasses perched on head top men. I love looking at them!

A Calvi style welcome for the Tour de France.
Note the bikes used are real!

Dinner was lovely – at a little place back from the glamour port. But it was attracting quite a young crowd so not sure about that! I had a great grilled sea bass and Steve had lamb.

Walked back to our hotel and were walking against the stream of young people heading to the bars along the waterfront. Made us feel just a little old.

Few observations:
– the latest for girls out on the town is short shorts and ankle boots – preferably with studs.
– White waffle bath towels
– Crazy drivers
– French not quite as warm and friendly as the Italians

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