Friday . Our last day in Cotignac

Moustiers – note the star suspended above the town
Gorges de Verdon – wow!!
Lin followed by John being greeted by a shirtless Steve

Oh dear , it’s finally here our last full day of holidays and last day staying in Cotignac. It’s been so wonderful to stay with John and Margaret and meet their lovely fun friends Lin and Andy McNaught.

We decided to head off to the Gorges of Verdon and in two cars with 3 bikes on board set off to Moustiers our first village stop about 45 mins drive away. It’s a beautiful little village with an enormous 12 point star suspended above the village.

After a wander around the village we started the climb up a winding road to look down into the gorge and it was spectacular. We reached Palud and the cyclists took off on their ride along the high road 
along the gorge and we started to drive it, stopping frequently to gasp at the view.

We met John, Lin and Andy for a picnic lunch, before they finished the downhill part of the ride and we drove back via the lake. Quite spectacular .

Steve once again stripped off his shirt to wave the riders in! Lin pretended to be a Tour rider and waved him away.

Back home for a last wander through the streets of Cotignac.

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