Sardinia 2014

Well it’s happening. We’re going back. Sardinia here we come.

After booking, considering cancelling, changing dates, discussing, replanning – its back on. This time two weeks.

The trip is the mastermind of Chris Masek – form London. He is celebrating his 50th this year and part of his celebration is to swim Corsica to Sardinia.  He asked us along last year. and Steve is more than keen to do it. Despite the setbacks we are off. His new knee is behaving and he has been training hard.

Lovely Phoebe Rouse is meeting us there – travelling over with the two Chris’. We asked her to come along, to keep me company and provide some female companionship. She started swimming in london and no doubt will be faster than me already! But what does it matter. It will be great fun.

Chris has organised all the details – from the coast, guides, coast guard, licence, medical support and has booked the hotel (which he tells us know he has paid for!)

We leave on Saturday and fly Cathay to HongKong. Then Air France to Paris – then Air Italia to Olbia, bus to the port, then ferry to La Maddalena. Quite a trip (made easier with business class!) but it will be great to get there and relax. Its been a tough 6 months for everyone. Just wish Rob and Jordan were with us.

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