Day 1 Sardinia

We assembled for breakfast in the glitzy dining room and were a little disappointed to see the wind blowing so wildly.

The TEAM meeting was after breakfast and we got away to meet Marco in the marina all dressed in out matching gear.

I forgot to mention our team gifts which make up out team uniforms. Francesco had two T Shirts made for us – day and evening wear! All printed up with a great logo and our names on the back. Then Ben (Chris’ brother from the USA ) handed out theft shirts he had made. Not to be outdone Steve produced the shorts in a wild red and yellow print that had been so popular last year.
So off we went all dressed matchy matchy!

We drove for about half an hour through the wind, north of the township of La Maddalena. Finally found a beautiful bay where we could start our swim. Just like last year I went in the rubber ducky with Francesco and he dropped me half way along the swim so I would have about a 2 km swim and the others a 3 and a half swim. Off I went On my OWN! No pals to swim with as Phoebe decided to swim with the boys! What a goer she is.

At the end of the first swim I was dropped off and a taxi was waiting to take me to La Maddalena to meet Berti, Fabio and their little girls Cleo and Demi. We had a lovely lunch together and happened to meet Chris from London walking along with his suitcase.

After lunch we went for a drive around the island, something I didn’t get to do last year. It has the most spectacular views.

Back to the hotel we took the girls for a little swim in the hotel pool while waited for Steve to return. So much fun seeing them and the little girls are just gorgeous.

An hours rest then of to a little beach restaurant for dinner. Lots of laughs later we fell into bed at about 11.30. Phoebe was suffering a little with sunburn and had swallowed so much water in the
afternoon swim that she coughed and was just a little worried about dry drowning. Francesco is
keeping an eye in her. Not sure she paced herself for the first day. Fear she will suffer tomorrow.

Another big sleep in our very comfortable hotel room.

Hi from Sardinia

Ciao miei amici

Our return to Sardinia has been everything we hoped for and more!

We arrived soooooo tired after nearly 38 travel time with layovers in HK and Paris.
So getting to the Hotel Grand MaMa was exciting. We met Phoebe ( our young friend from when she was at Kindy with Pete) who had traveled from London with Chris and Yves and was well rested compared to us.
We had a big freshen up and headed to the hotel bar for my first Aperol Spritz. Oh they do taste different in Italy.

Dinner was in the hotel dining room a rather swish room with lots of sparkly lights. ( Not always in good taste but so very Italian!) We had lots of catch up with Francesco our guide from last year, Chris our very generous host and chief organizer for this year, Chris’ brother Ben who arrived from
the US with his friend Dan ( a very funny guy who makes sets and toys in the US). Also Phoebe, Francesco the guide, Vittoria the assistant guide and Yves who is a swim trek guide and will swim the channel with them. He is the most experienced one, as he has swum the English Channel!

It’s going to be a blast! The laughs are coming quick and fast and “not so straight Chris” has not arrived from London yet.

Off to bed for a well deserved rest!