Last day in France

Another late start with bird calls and rain softly pattering on the roof. Breakfast with Zepher – our new best friend. Will have to check out his book. Freedom’ s Way by Zepher Bloch.  Sounds very interesting.

We packed up and chat to Lionel about our plans. He was sorry we couldn’t stay on in Paris. He was born there and loves it. He spoke so fondly about the areas he lived in. Both Montmartre and Bastille.  He is very dreamy in a nice way and has a lovely son who prepares breakfast for us. His wife Marie Louise runs the office in the main town place. He said when he bought the castle it was very run down but he had time and enough money to do it up and now rents the rooms to visitors. We were lucky it wasn’t very full so it was quiet, but with the rain we couldn’t sit in the lovely courtyard and enjoy breakfast.

Check out the village we stayed in Noyers in Burgundy. They made a little u tube to promote their music festival coming up soon. You tube – Noyers happy place!

We set off for the car after double cheeked kisses and loaded up and brrrrr nothing. Flat battery! So back to Lional who called the local garage man who arrived very quickly and had us moving along quite quickly.

It rained most of the way to Troyes, a very old town which is home to Pope Urban in the 12 th c. It’s churches are big and old and we saw an old lady at the small office inside the church who had the most amazing old face. Very lined and full of character. I would loved to have taken  her photo but couldn’t be so rude as to ask!

We called into their outlet centre and i can’t get too enthusiastic in places like that ( except when I went to Cabazon in Palm Springs last year. It was amazing, ) but this was not too good and very spread out. I showed Steve into the Hugo Boss store and he managed to find some red ( dull not  too bright) pants, a checked shirt and a lovely blue jumper. Mr fashion statement. I just got to pay for it!

Now in the Qantas lounge waiting for our flight to Brisbane. Feeling vey tired. But home in the morning so i’ll be fine.

So until the next time.  

Chablis and Auxuerre

We stumbled out of bed to the sound of bird calls. Not too early as the day was grey and a little rainy. We met Zepher for breakfast and planned the day. He was going to see the house again and invited us to go with him. What a treat. I really want to see the place and he was very keen to have us along for another opinion.

So after breakfast we went to the small village markets, bought some soap and a beautiful orange angora neck muff ( like a collar)   
We set off towards Chablis which is a small town almost all rebuilt after the war. Thee are lots of Chablis wine caves and we went to the one recommended by Lionel our host at the castle we are staying in. Lionel appears each morning and chats to the guests about their plans for the day and gives advice and suggestions. 
We stopped in Chablis and planned on seeing some of the Chablis wine houses and get a taste for it. 
I tasted a few  but at 11 am with no food they all tend to taste the same! 
We continued on towards Auxuerre where we were going to spend our last night until we changed our plans and decided to stay in Noyers. I do like the small villages best. 
We walked around, checked out the rather grand gothic style church, a few shops,  walked along the river and had lunch. I had a beautiful Niçoise salad and Steve and a lovely local salad with warm potatoes, bacon and a soft boiled ago. Somewhat like a Caesar salad. 
We had to hurry back to the Noyers to meet Zepher and make our way to the castle he was looking to buy. 
It’s so much fun when there is no pressure! 
What a castle. In a small non de script village but so romantic. Big rooms. Lots of rooms, and lots of work to do to get it to a good standard for rental. The bones are great but the layout of rooms to bathrooms need organization and the pool need a complete refurb.

We did enjoy meeting Brigette the agent who had travelled from Paris to conduct the inspection. We walked all over the castle. Three floors of big spaces. Some made sense  some didn’t.
Anyway Zeph was all carried away and was discussing all aspectsof the castle. Men arrived to assess the pool and the bad news was that it needed heaps of work. Around $20,000.

It was drizzling so after a cup of tea, lots of chat and some photos we left to drive back to Noyers for a drink. We had Brigitte with us and really enjoyed her company.