Last Day 

Our little breakfast routine is established but today we slept in and missed the 10 am cut off. Must be relaxed! 

Went for coffee to Che Culo and met up with the kids and set off to Pete’s school. It’s about 20 mins from his place and in a quiet street – relatively speaking! It’s a primary class campus with the infants school a block away. There is a security guard at the entrance who greeted Peter like a long lost friend and then various grounds people all giving friendly greetings. We walked up to the top of the building – 4 flights  – where both year 4s share a landing. Pete’s room is basic but set up well( teacher in me speaking!). Mind you he has a full time Teacher Assistant!  

The other Yr 4 is teacher Gary from England , a nice guy we met in Kampot a few days ago along with Principal Justin from NSW. 

Then off to the Central Market. Housed in a large domed building radiating out from the dome they are clean and very organised by Asian standards.   Did a bit of shopping and marvelled at the jewellery counter. Lots of bling. Much easier to negotiate than the Russian markets where you need to leave a crumb trail to find your way out. 

  Lunch is always a feature of our day and today didn’t disappoint. Off to a yum char feed. Pete has all the food types covered and knows where to get the best of everything. (Usually the cheapest as well)  

 We prepared for the last night and took a wonderful sunset cruise only $5 head and practically had a whole boat to ourselves. We took along our own wine as a sundowner and settled in for the hour long cruise along the river. Again spectacular.  


 Back to The Chinese House for a drink  where the Sth African owner made a fuss of El and finally to Romdeng. It’s s classic Camboduan sophisticated restaurant used as a training place for hospitality workers. It’s was perfect. Food wonderful. Even tried the crispy tarantulas! Brava!  



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