Museums, a Palace and Beer. 

Unfortunately El has to work today so we are sight-seeing with Pete. We started with a quick swim and wandered down to Che Culo , Nick’s bar where El is manager. 

It’s an easy stroll down the narrow street, lined with tuk tuk drivers lounging inside their tuks calling lazily ‘A ride for you today?’ We also pass several spas ( everyone here must have ripped muscles and smooth skin judging by the number of spas), a nice looking backpackers placed called The Monkey bar , an English school called Harrods, a coffee shop, a child care centre, a French man selling beautiful pate, sausages and other lovely meats, a few apartment blocks and a restaurant called il Forno: the manager Antonio has become a ‘friend’ as we met him through El in Siem Reap. 

Most the streets around here are like this one. Not too busy, mixture of little shops, bars, restaurants, coffee shops etc.  

  I enjoyed my first coffee in 2 weeks! A piccolo. 

Then it was in a tuk and away to the National Museum – a rather lovely building with an interesting collection of statues mostly of Buddha and Vishna. Having been to Siem Reap helped with already having some knowledge of Buddhism and the Cambodian empire as it was. 

It was back out to the museum of the local street a fascinating landscape of people, transport and interesting businesses. We were on ‘Art St’ and walked in and out of the many little galleries fitted along the street. Most had fairly garish large paintings but some were just lovely. I liked one little square canvas of a temple black and white with just two monks in colour. Next thing old romantic Pete was asking the price on a similar one of Ankor Wat because it showed the spot where he had proposed to El. He bought it as a surprise for her. 

Down the tree lined street we walked towards the river and went up to the balcony of the FCC club for a beer and lovely views of the river – not to mention the welcome breeze. Although it’s warm here it’s no worse than Brisbane on  a hot summers day. Pete tells me it’s still winter and we have been enjoying the best weather for months. Lucky us! Wouldn’t want to be here in May June – apparently the hottest time. 

After our break we walked down the river to the Palace and its many outstanding buildings a collection of ornate temples, stupas, reception rooms and other decorated pagoda style buildings. We toured around taking shoes on and off as we entered the temples. You need easy to remove shoes here as you are  on and off with them everywhere. El was wearing things that were too small for her because when she returned someone had taken hers! We like to think it was a mistake! But who knows. 

By now the sun was very warm so we walked awhile observing the locals and made our way back to Che Culo then a swim before heading to Pete and El’s for a balcony dinner. 

They went to so much trouble to make a lovely dinner for us. and was relaxed and delicious. Music, candles entree, salad slow cooked pork.  All delicious. They even. Bought ice cream and chocolate for Steve as they know he loves it. Thank you El and Pete.   


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