The celebrations continue

I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people who help me celebrate. 

Though it would have been good to have Rob, Jordan sister Catherine and our other friends here. They all arrive tomorrow so perhaps the celebrations will continue. 

After my little cake party by the staff at Villa Savonna we headed off to Nicks place Che Culo for yet another Aperol Spritz. I wore a lovely dress loaned to me by a friend and topped it off with a beautiful necklace – a birthday gift from Steve. It’s a Cambodian sapphire drop. Really pretty. Note it in the picture with Elena and her beautiful mum. 

I’m also wearing a gift from Elena. A watch for sport! I just have to work out how to use it! 

After our drink we headed off in a convoy of tuk tuks to Lost Room. A very apt name as you can certainly get lost in the lane and narrow alley ways. It reminded me of the hutongs in Beijing. 

The food was great. So was the company. Along with us were Pete’s friend Neil and Charli Pollard. 

We ate and drank some fantastic food. The owner a woman from Brisbane was a great hostess and Elena Evan planned a small cake. So I got to blow out another candle. How lucky am I to get a second lot of wishes. 

I’ll bet most of you can guess what I wished for!!

Make a guess in the comments box at the end! 

2 thoughts on “The celebrations continue

  1. My guess: Something that makes Chistmas more enjoyable?

    Fran, thank you for a wonderful experience! Your months of planning paid off and allowed everyone on your tour (17 strong) to enjoy a remote part of the world. You have a fantastic set of friends. Safe travels. See you next year.


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