• img_9711img_9683 img_9684 img_9686Our last stop is the seaside city of Valparaiso.

We decided to stay here in preference to another 2 nights in Santiago. We like the sea, we’d heard about the liveliness of the city and we thought it would provide a rest before the journey home. It’s been a busy time.

Unfortunately our luggage was lost between Cusco and Santiago airport. So our late arrival turned into an even later night. Luckily for us our booked driver Carlos waited and we finally got to Valparaiso at about 2am!

Needless  to say we washed the smalls!

Our hotel is beautiful and overlooks the big harbour.

We took to the streets in our only clothes and didn’t stop all day. It’s a vibrant, slightly grungy, dynamic, friendly and extremely colourful city.

Graffiti is everywhere. The city is well know for it.

I loved it.

we went on the trolley bus, the funicular, we walked  we took a walking tour and finally at 6pm we sat with a gorgeous view

Then dinner and a funny night which included me dancing in the street and singing at a bar with some Germans!

img_9647 img_9648 img_9649 img_9650 img_9651





2 thoughts on “Valparaiso.

  1. Loved reading your travel tales Fran and the beautiful graffiti in Valparaiso.
    Wishing you and Steve a safe flight home with all your luggage !


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