On the Road in New Zealand

Kia ora. Well we have experienced that feeling for sure. What is about the wandering Wilsons? They are life’s friendly people. 

This morning Chris went for a short photo opportunity on the golf course outside our villa. He was missing quite some time and we went out looking and there he was chatting away to the only other person within a 1 kilometre radius! Jill and I pondered how they came to meet in a deserted golf course. 
Chris claims he was approached as he took a photo and suddenly he had a new best friend. He knew all about him and his business I. After ten mins talk! 

The Villa was great. Situated on a golf course with views to the sea. Was so peaceful and quiet and I could have stayed a week 

After check out – now that’s another story! We drove to Kaitaia for morning coffee and searched the Main Street for an appropriate cafe. It was narrowed down – due to no other place – to one called The Sh_t Hot Cafe. That will do we thought. With a name like that it’s sure to be ………. Sh_t good. 

It was great. Lovely coffee and lovely people. Especially in the toilets. I was in the only toilet with Jill waiting just outside and heard someone come in and the next minute I could hear chatting. 

I came out and found Jill smiling and chatting and looking at wedding photos. 

Of course she ducked in and I was left to hear about the granddaughter’s wedding – in a tree! And the sobbing grandfather. Jill’s new best friend! So friendly here in New Zealand. 

The things you see along the way ……. the fire station in one small town was opposite a business called The Fryer Station Cafe! ( See pictures below) The chooks at the river edge clucking around us while we waited for the river crossing ferry, the selection of fun cars and vans participating in the Charity Bash, the green rolling hills, the car with the bumper sticker “If you love Jesus honk‘ then underneath in smaller writing ‘ Text while driving if you want to meet him!’ , another one Drink, Drive and Die. 

The many kilometres of little timber fence posts, the unpronounceable place names, a little cemetery with lots of flowers out in the middle of no-where, the new looking signs to schools that are closed and best of all the great roads! All make travelling in this beautiful country interesting and fun. 

Talking of unpronounceable place names. Our friend David Parker said it was easy. Pronounce all the vowels as they are and make all Wh words ( there are a lot) sound like a F…. have a go. Whangaroa is Fangaroa: Whangarei is Fangarei. You get the idea. 

Back onto the road through the greenery towards the Kauri forest with a short stop for lunch at Opononi. We also got advice and booked our accommodation for tonight. The Old Post Office in Paparoa. 
About 25 minutes south we stopped at NZ’s oldest Kauri tree. It is over 2000 years old. The boys were enthralled. Steve renamed it. He said it was a Big Whukka of a Tree’. ( refer back to my ‘ how to pronounce’ guide earlier!) 
Almost at the Post Office B&B where we’ll let Chris be in charge , after his years working at Australia Post. 
Our B&B turned out to be great. I’m heading for the feather bed right now! Deb our hostess is a very funny lady and the place is packed with old tea cups, books and bric a brac. 

Dinner was at the hotel the Thirsty Tui. It’s a ‘gastro pub’. Very nice dinner – not to mention the wine! 

Such fun travelling with the Wandering Wilsons. 

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