A mini break in Vietnam

A year ago my mahjong friend Linda suggested a trip to Vietnam. ‘Cheap fares’ she said. Who can resist a short break with girlfriends in an exotic place. So we promptly booked. Five of us. Sadly Shelly can’t make it so we are now four.

A year later the date has finally arrived. I had almost forgotten about it with so much happening in my life. But here I am in the Air Asia lounge in Kuala Lumpur waiting for our connecting flight to Hoi An.

We are having 4 nights in a homestay called the Thanh Luan. Linda is good friends with Trinh the owner after staying there many times. Trinh will look after us and even organise to have some clothes made for us!

Following that we go on the  train to Hue then back to a more resort style hotel in Hoi An.

The experience started with an Air Asia flight from the Gold Coast. A new experience for me. A no frills cheap flight which turned out to be much better than first imagined. Mind you I was lucky in my seat selection. We had chosen down the back of the plane where there were about 10 rows of just 2 seats and a wider aisle. Luckily I had no one next to me.

So with no distractions of food, drinks etc we settled in after our 10.30pm take off and with eye mask on, ear plugs in I managed to get some sleep. It’s a ‘do it yourself’ flight. No pillows, blankets masks, water, entertainment. You supply your own or pay extra. So knowing this I was well prepared.

We’re now in  the Air Asia lounge. Yes,  you pay extra for it ( about $20) but it’s quiet, has showers, food, coffee some comfy seats and few people,  so is a good place to hang out and wait  for our flight to Danang.

I’m about to test the shower and starting to feel relaxed. It was hard dragging myself away from Easter at Caloundra where the weather was great. But a new adventure awaits.

Keep reading and you’ll find out about four 60+ ladies on vacation.

3 thoughts on “A mini break in Vietnam

  1. Have a wonderful time, Fran. This is another place on my bucket list, so will vicariously travel along with you and the other 60+ ladies!


  2. Gosh, Fran, didn’t realise you were off overseas again. The no frills flight sounds interesting. I always dream about going business or first class… might need to huy a lotto ticket! Enjoy your hreak. Bx😇


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