24hours in  Rome. Let the cruise begin….

It’s hard to decide what to do in 24 hours in this wonderful city.

Revisit the favourites : Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza Popolo, St Peters. So many to choose from. So little time.

Today we chose to have breakfast in Campo Di Fiori. We sat at a cafe right on the Piazza where the markets were set up.

The locals were out buying their fresh produce and wiry Italian men pushed trolleys laden with boxes of fruit and veg to the cafes. They all know each other and were calling out cheery buongiornos to each other as they worked.

The weather is glorious and we wondered if we should jump ship and stay in Rome.

After breakfast we headed off to Trevi in the hope the throwing a coin…… ‘right hand over left shoulder.’ Making  a wish to return (it has worked every time so far!)

We walked from Campo past the ancient site of Argentina ruins, a few quiet cobbled streets and there it was. Rome is as accessible as it is amazing.

We threw our coins made our wishes and returned to the hotel past the Pantheon.

We caught the train from St Pietro station instead of returning to the bustling Termini. For 9 euros  we had a 40 min train ride to the port of Civitavecchia.

It’s a more developed port than I expected. Our ship, the Royal Princess loomed large dwarfing other boats in port. Despite the number of passengers loading it was swift and efficient. You’re given an embarkation time,  to stagger it, and we were in our cabin 10 mins after arriving at the ship. Luggage followed swiftly.

Berti told me we wouldn’t notice the 3,000 + passengers, as it’s so big and I’m starting to think that’s true. Nothing seems crowded.

Our mini suite is great. Lots of room for our things as we unpacked for the 10 days. Our steward,  Keankai met us and delivered flowers, champagne, robes and our information kit. It’s looking good.
Excitement mounted as a knock at the door revealed Fabio Braccelli, the ships Head of Engineering ! He’s married to our niece Roberta ( Berti) and with them were their 2 daughters Cleo and Demi who, until Cleo started school, lived on the ship. Then Birthday girl Marg arrived with her eldest daughter Vashti , Jeremy and their 3 children. Son Kenrick was asleep after just arriving that morning from Austin Texas.

Lots of hugs then down to the serious business of finding lunch.

We all chose cabins on the Lido deck and as  the name suggests is where the pools are located. As well as various eating places and bars. It’s a great location with all the kids. Champagne in hand we toasted our good fortune at being together.

Then it was a nojito ! A no alcohol mojito. I’m pacing myself.

After the obligatory safety demo,  it was a big walk around the decks discovering the places of interest. By now Kenrick was awake wondering where the ‘hot girls’ were hiding. With a fairly high average age I don’t like his chances – though some of the female crew looked pretty excited as he passed by. All 6ft 7in  of him!

The lounges and the atrium are amazing spaces where you could lose yourself all day! And you get lots of walking just moving between venues.

We had a good first dinner in the Symphony restaurant and thought how lucky we were to be here together.

If you’ve been cruising tell me what you liked – or hated about it in the comments box.

Wifi is a little difficult- sorry there aren’t so many pictures.