Sea Day. 

A day at sea is a change from exploring a port each day. Everyone on board seems more relaxed.
What does at sea look like?
The buffet is well attended at all times of the day but breakfast is popular. People are making new friends and greetings are getting friendlier.

There are two buffets which run next to each other. The first looks more casual and the food is slightly more casual – some lighter options. The second one has darker furniture and has more heartier options.

Both theme a part of their choices to the port we are in. Along with all sorts of food (which change daily) we’ve had Italian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Greek food. We can look forward to Italian and Spanish.

The food is good in the buffets and very good in the 7 or so restaurants on board. There’s hardly ever any waiting in line and it’s fresh and tasty.

Today as I walked around the ship observing my fellow travellers. The ‘walk a mile’ circuit is well used. There’s a fast or slow lane and a woman in a pink Lycra shirt powers her way around every day. The Japanese stroll, the Americans sweat, the Germans charge, the English potter and the Australians – well I walk with purpose and avoid holding any runners up!
There is also a basketball court, a driving range and about 2,000+ deck chairs. There’s always a deck chair when you need one.

Today there’s a huge number of activities. From prayer group to AA meetings, quiz games, bridge, Mahjong, knitting and bingo, silent auctions, concerts, singalong, dancing, outdoor films, ice carving, cooking demos and today a Mr Sexy legs competition (and I’ve left lots out!).

We have an app on our phones where we can message each other, make bookings, build a daily planner, keep track of our spending (we buy alcoholic drinks unless we bought the beverage package!)

This ship has thought of everything and I’m surprised to say I’m enjoying it all. You have to throw yourself in and have fun.

Today I went to the cooking show then a tour of one of the kitchens. It’s amazing. Huge, clean as a whistle and super organised. Then we went to the ice carving demo by the pool. A swan appeared out of a block of ice. Next up the Mr sexy legs. We wanted Kenrick, hands down the best looking bloke on board, to enter but he has his standards and refused!

I spent an hour in the cabin on the sunny verandah just reading and suddenly it was appertivo time!

Also formal night.

We had our cocktails in the Main Piazza and all the kids had a dance and a few adults.

Then it was the time for the Hawley Show. A magic illusion show. It was fantastic. CLEO and Demi had seen it before and kept giving us hints as to what came next! I truly don’t know how they do these tricks!

Then lobster dinner in the dining room for adults. Kids went off to the kids club. Oh what a cruise. Something for everyone.

Tomorrow Corsica and Marg’s birthday.

Good Morning Corfu

We woke up in Corfu today.

It was a super smooth trip. You can barely feel the movement of the ship at all.

Last night we had aperitifs in Berti and Fabios little apartment. Fabio had organised some wonderful nibbles.

Then it was off to the Crooners Bar and the Princess Show

Today we are doing the first and only organised tour. To the Achilleion Palace. Built during the 1880’s by Empress Sissie (or Elizabeth) of Austria as a summer Palace.

It has beautiful gardens with an array of statues and light airy rooms.

Once again I realised why we don’t like group tours!  They move so slowly.

But the drive in the bus out of Corfu town was a  good way to check out the countryside.