The Countdown is On.

Who out there enjoys packing for a holiday? I usually do but feel quite rushed / confused / perplexed this time! Why?

We’re not swim trekking like our usual holidays have been lately. On swims treks the packing is easy. It’s usually summer and relaxed. This time it’s a wedding in Santa Barbara, California! Then 3 different locations. New Orleans, Cuba and New York!

I’m trying to stick to my own packing rules ( check out an earlier blog). Pack in 3’s. 3 bottoms, 3 tops, 3 dresses, 3 scarves, 3 shoes. Then add the ‘wedding gear’.

I’ll let you know how I go! It’s going in the suitcase this afternoon. It’s a new bag and is a larger carry on! So I’m limited on the space! Wish me luck.

I’ve also had to reload this website and don’t want you to miss my blogs. So please send a message in the comments box so I know you’ve seen this post.

Did I mention it’s my son’s wedding! So I am to be a MOG. Mother of the Groom.

17 thoughts on “The Countdown is On.

  1. Have the best time, Fran. You will be a fantastic Mother of the Groom! All the best for your packing, I’m sure all will be well.I have to start my packing soon… hope I can be as organised as you. Bx


  2. I like your rule of packing in 3s. The weather in California looks perfect for your son’s upcoming nuptials. You’re going to be a gorgeous MOG!


  3. Received your blog, M.O.G. Looking forward to seeing you and F.O.G. on Tues. I’ll be seeing both the Bride and the Groom tomorrow (Sat.) for their respective Hens and Bucks parties, so our holiday will start in 12 hrs. Looking forward to seeing all of the Aussies that will be coming as well.
    Have a safe and fun flight.


  4. By now I bet you have packed – big hurdle jumped.
    Have a great trip and I know the wedding will be beautiful.
    Tell Steve to take care…….no more injuries!


  5. Looking forward to seeing you both. With regard to packing for New York don’t forget to take into account wind chill factors. We haven’t had a day over 0 and -25 in Quebec. My wool coat is here if you need it.


  6. Don’t fret about packing – it is only a small part of the whole traveling experience. And if you forget something – that’s why god invented shops. it’s all about the wedding and your family – relax, enjoy, keep healthy and make memories. Buona vacanza.


  7. Have a wonderful wedding holiday. Our best wishes to the bride and groom! Enjoy every moment , it all goes so quickly. Safe travels xx


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