Therapy arrived in Santa Barbara.

Those who know me know I love my girlfriends. And my Therapy group are such a wonderful group of friends.

We formed years ago when our children were little. The girls of the group have shown such support to each other over the years that we feel it’s like going to therapy when we meet.

So today I brought a little bit of therapy to Jordan. It came in the form of ‘wise words of advice ‘ for the bride.

We assembled at a long table and enjoyed sparkling Rose while Jordan read her messages of advice – all the way from Brisbane.

Thank you to my funny, creative friends and especially to Patsy for her ‘Sweet Love Story’ which I’ll reproduce here for your enjoyment.

Now if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face – then read it again!

8 thoughts on “Therapy arrived in Santa Barbara.

  1. That’s amazing!!! Brought a smile to my face…. and I’m lucky enough to have experienced your therapy group first hand. Lots of love to all of your wonderful, merry group. xx


  2. Fran, I am so glad you captured Patsy’s “Sweet Love Story” in photos. I have been thinking I need to save this story as it is very creative and touching. Please send me the photos once you get home. The boys did a similar thing over beer and oysters for Rob 😉


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