Adelaide here I come.

Exciting to have a ticket

My blog has suffered during covid!

I only blog when I travel and as there hasn’t been much travel in the past year I haven’t written much.

So here we go readers.

Today I fly to Adelaide to stay once again with my sister in law Marg. She has a lovely house in Fullerton and makes us very welcome. So welcome in fact, that when we went there for Steve’s birthday in October we invited ourselves down for the Festivals!

The Adelaide festival, the Fringe Festival and the Writers Festival.

Checkout the website

There is so much on its hard to know where to start.

The Adelaide Festival has lots of music , theatre, dance. The usual line up of overseas artists will not be there. But there will be lots of wonderful Australian talent.

The Fringe Festival goes for a month and features a huge variety of talent. Have a little read below.

Then there’s the Writers Festival. Being a keen reader I’m looking forward to seeing and listening to this line up. Go to the link to see the day line up.

Tell me in the comments who you would like to see.

I recently read Honeybee by Craig Silvey. A terrific moving read.

Trent Dalton has been a favourite of mine as a feature writer for years. His All Our Shimmering Skies follows his very successful Boy Swallows Universe.

Kate Grenville’s A Room made of Leaves, I loved. And Meg Mason’s Sorrow & Bliss was very good. A mixture of sadness at the mental health of the main character and the wit that linked the characters.

I’ve only named a few here but I’m very excited to be going. We thought we’d be at the Edinburgh Festival last year but that was off. This is going to be just as much a treat.

So look for my updates and come along with me.

5 thoughts on “Adelaide here I come.

  1. Fabulous, Fran, looking forward to your posts. I really enjoyed Boy Swallows Universe, so I’d like to see Trent Dalton. My first teaching post was at Darra, so many of the streets mentioned in the book were familiar to me… same time frame, too. Have fun, Fran. Bx🤩


  2. You and Steve will have a wonderful time, being with family and in the middle of the Festival. You are spoilt for choice with entertainment. The most difficult thing will be fitting in all you would like to see! I can’t get over so much is free.
    My choices for the WF would be: Trent Dalton (first choice ❣) Sophie Laguna, Julia Gillard and Richard Fidler. What Happens Next would also be interesting.


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