From Mt Elizabeth to Mt Hart

We left Mt Elizabeth and headed to Mt Hart but we decided to refuel at Barnett Roadhouse. Coffee. So hard to get on the Gibb River Road!

While there we got chatting to some travellers – so easy to do on these travels. It’s like everyone bonds over their shared experiences on this amazing Road running through remote areas.

We decided to follow their advice and buy a $10 permit to visit the Manning River Gorge and swim in the river.

It was only a 10km drive to the river and what a surprise. It was just lovely.

The campground is right at the river and the banks are sandy not all rocky like others. To do the gorge walk to the waterfall you cross the river. It’s quite deep so to help walkers get across dry they provide a boat and a line. You put your gear or yourself in the boat and pull yourself across the river. Simple.

We spend a good hour swimming around this beautiful river, chatting to people crossing it.

We pull ourselves out , change and head back to the roadhouse for lunch.

The turn off to Mt Hart is further down the Gibb River.

We continue on looking forward to a night under canvas.

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