In the Rhythm at Cable Beach

My blogs have almost trickled to a halt …… it’s so relaxing here and the days have taken on a rhythm of their own.

We thought 5 days here might be too much. It’s not. It’s allowed us to slow down after our dusty days on the Gibb River Road

Our days have been starting with a lovely long walk along the beach followed by a surf in perfect clear blue waters.

A beach shower then coffee back on the deck at our hotel.

Steve has been wanting to go to Matso’s brewery for the whole holiday. Today we went.

It’s ‘in town’ about a 10 minute drive from Cable Beach. We decided to browse the few shops before lunch at Matsos so started at the Short Street Gallery.

This tiny gallery is housed in a very old corrugated iron building. It is home to indigenous art.

As we walked the few streets that make up Chinatown it is the newness of the corrugated iron buildings that stands out. this building material is used for its durability in storms and it’s ease in construction.

There is history here but not in the buildings. When Broome was set up as a pearling town in the 1880’s there were 300 luggers – pearling boats in the Roebuck Bay Area. Most of the people involved in the industry were Japanese. That influence is still seen today.

An abacus in the Main Street.
Japanese influence.

Lining the few streets of Chinatown are the big names in the Pearl business.

Cygnet Bay ( where we visited and Steve made a purchase ) Paspaley, Allure, Kallis, Willie Bay – all the big names.

Matsos was calling so we headed to this charming relaxed brewery for its famous mango beer.

Matsos was originally a general store called Matsumoto. Shortened to Matsos it became a cafe then a small brewery. It has grown under the same family and is a popular place to eat and of course drink their mango beer, ginger beer and the ice hot chilli beer.

The grounds are relaxed and fun and incorporates a curry hut and art gallery.

The artists here have painted many silos in country towns around Australia.

Following lunch and a few beers we needed to have a little sleep before our afternoon swim.

Then back to Town Beach for the Staircase to the Moon. Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon which occurs when a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. The Staircase to the Moon happens 2 – 3 days a month and dates are published.

Tonight is one of the nights and there are hundreds of people sitting waiting for the moon to appear.

The markets are on and the lines for the food made us pleased we had a big lunch at Matsos.

As the 6.15 time for the moon approached the lights were dimmed.

It seems funny we are waiting for the rising moon and on the other side at Cable beach they have watched the sun set.

Up it came. The staircase appeared on the mudflats and it was stunning.

Don’t miss it when in Broome.

Our night took a funny turn. We returned with Prosecco wine and cheese and played cards on the deck. The Italian music set the mood for a funny night. As we enjoyed the Prosecco the card playing improved. A great fun night.

2 thoughts on “In the Rhythm at Cable Beach

  1. What a lovely day (and night) with June’s “strawberry” full moon!
    The mango beer 🍺 sure sounds interesting! Really enjoyed reading about your rhythmic day at Cable Beach.


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