Off to Adelaide

For those of you who usually follow along ….. I’m off to Adelaide. Writers Week , the Festival and the Fringe.

Adelaide airport is big and very well set up with local products for sale and even a piano for the talented ( or not so ) to play.

Always so much to see and do in this accessible festival city. We are lucky to be able to stay with Steve’s sister not far from the city. We enjoy seeing my niece Vashti , her husband and four children. Always fun

I flew down yesterday and we met Steve off the Overlander train from Melbourne. He had driven our friends MG from Brisbane to Melbourne for them, staying with friends along the way. Needless to say- he loves driving.

We spent the first night catching up with family and looking ….. and booking tickets to festival events and planning who I would see during Writers Week. It’s been particularly controversial this year with new director Louise Adler booking some speakers with strong views and opinions on the Israel – Palestinian situation as well as the Ukrainian Russian war. It’s providing a lot a comment in the papers and on TV.

This morning I headed out for a walk in the tree lined streets admiring the sandstone houses – so different from Brisbane’s wooden houses.

This afternoon we went yo our first Fringe event. A play called Recalibrate. It was in a tiny theatre call The Lab with a wonderful courtyard for drink before or after.

My nieces friend Katie was in the play about a mother , her two daughters and a student of the mother. Well presented, good acting and only a little confusing!

In the late afternoon we are enjoying the great weather with a Gin & Tonic and getting out our knitting needles for a Cabernet show tomorrow.

I’ve started knitting a snood! A small project I’m hoping to finish. A small circular scarf for the neck. Tomorrow should be very funny!

I’m starting the Writers Week on Monday. There may be some controversial speakers but there are some I really enjoy reading. So I’ll be going to see John Boyne, you must read The Hearts Invisible Furies and Echo Chamber. Also Alex Miller – A Brief Affair. Bill Browder, Sally Hepworth, Jane Harper. Just to name a few

Check out the program and tell me who you would like to hear.

The sky is blue , it’s warm but not hot and Adelaide looks beautiful. It will be a good week.

7 thoughts on “Off to Adelaide

  1. Hello Bella Francesca
    Lovely to hear from you
    All going well here and life is keeping us happy and busy.
    We are still welcoming visitors from the big island .
    Following Nick Mon and grandkids visit over Christmas and New Year ,Maria and Mark were down for 2 weeks in Feb.
    A friend of Stephen’s is arriving on Tuesday and staying for several days.
    He bought the rally car which Stephen sold before Christmas as we no longer will compete in tarmac rallying. Sad but true .
    I noticed John Boyne is speaking at the writers festival what a treat ( definitely my favourite writer at the moment
    IThe Hearts Invisible Furies and Echo Chamber I read last year
    The History of Loneliness,This haunted House and at the moment Crippen are my Boyne books this year .He is a wonderful writer and so varied in content.
    We are looking forward to the arrival of Baby no 3 for Nick and Mon(due end of March)and will be up several times during the year .Hopefully we can catch up
    Well I know you’ll enjoy your time in Adelaide
    Ginetta xxx


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  2. Happy days, Fran… looking forward to hearing of each day’s adventure. Definitely Alexander McCall Smith… his characters are all so endearing… I especially love the series featuring Professor Dr Dr Moritz-Maria von Ingelfeld. Laugh out loud funny… hilarious! I possibly would also like to embrace my inner loser! Have fun. Bx🤩


  3. Good to hear you are on the move again. I’m not a reader, but Lisa loved Echo Chamber and is a tad jealous. I am looking forward to seeing the (finished) snood (another new Aussie word for us). Good to hear ol’ Blue Eyes is keeping busy (as a courier/transporter). Hugs to you, Steve and Marg.


  4. Enjoy the writers Festival Fran and Steve .
    Unfortunately, won’t be able to make it this year.
    I would have signed up for Bill Browder’s session after reading “Red Notice”.
    Looking forward to following your blog .
    Have fun. 😀


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