Steve and Fran in Stockholm

Finally arrived in Stockholm at about 8.30 I don’ t like airports- a big waste of time
Anyway we arrived in at 8.15 and got a taxi to our lovely old hotel on the waterfront. We got a room with a view- it’s lovely but Steve may have to sell shares to pay for it.
Today we woke to the most beautiful blue skies…… so we walked! And walked and got cold and had a great look at Stockholm. We went to the small island which is the old town and just a short walk away. We saw the Royal Palace – but the thing that we saw along the way was much more an eye popper!
 A beautiful Swedish girl, perhaps on her way home with – now this is what she looked like:   starting at the feet; black ankle boots, black tights , long long legs and a dress that didn’t really cover her butt cheeks despite the pulling she was doing, whilst talking on her mobile phone. Nice butt! But no class!

The old town and the Palace turned on a very good changing of the guard . The band played on after the guards changed  so we had lots to see and listen to. Steve can’t believe a band can sound so good with only 1 trombone!
Had a nice lunch to warm up then got the tram across to the Museum of the Vasa – a ship that sunk in the harbour here 333 years ago and has been brought up and restored. Very interesting and Steve loved it.
We walked home via a little Market got some beer and mixer for my vodka and put our feet up in our room and watched the gorgeous sunset.
It is soooo expensive here! The food is so expensive we might have to cut back!
Most places show their menu and the average price for a main is around 250sek which is 50 dollars +
 . The locals must be well paid.

We think we would like to put together the following:
the suite at Tallin, the coffee shop in Moscow, the food prices of Vilnius, the food of ????, the view of Stockholm, the grand churches of St Petersburg, then u would have the perfect place to visit.
Sorry for any typos- v hard on the iPhone.
Would love to send photos but it’s hard to download. It’s different now – there are almost no internet cafes as there is wifi everywhere and people have their own laptops.

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