Last night!

hello for probably the last time – till the airport.
We have had 2 lovely days in Herringcity no Helsinki I mean. It’s a lovely city – smaller than Stockholm, but has it’s own charm. Sadly it has been grey and rainy thou not heavy just drizzly. There is no shortage if coffee shops to warm up in and lots of shops with the most amazing innovative design things around. No doubt about the Swedes and Finns – they like a smartly designed object.

We walked and caught the 3T tram around the sights and last night went to a great little concert – cellos mainly. It was very good with the performers all being talented beautiful young men and women.

Tonight we are off to the circus! The Finlandia circus are having a season so decided to try it out.

Steve had a little splurge and bought my birthday/ Christmas present today – some  silver jewellery from a lovely young designer married to an Italian. Lucky me.

Will try and put photos on when I get to a big computer!

See you all soon

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