Last stay of my trip- Cotignac


Visiting the Brannocks in Cotignac

Today I moved to the Brannock’s house (owned by a group of Australians). It was just 12 steps down the road from the B&B. Margaret came to get me and help with bags and met Dany, the owner. Dany very kindly gave me some homemade quince jam and savoury quince for cooking.
Village Fountain
Arrived here at the new house which is right on the Place de Mairie. It’s a big house with 5 levels. Quite grand. 
The House (with brown shutters behind waitress
You enter at the street level and there is a “summer  room” which isn’t finished yet. Steps up around a white curved wall to bedroom 1 – a large room off one side of the steps and and a large bathroom off the other side. 
Up the steps again to the kitchen  on the back of the house and the main living dining on the front overlooking the Place de Mairie. Two large shuttered windows, a fireplace, two handsome white chandeliers, rugs, comfy white lounge, wine rack, pictures, dressed with white crockery and wineglasses all complete the look. 
Peter and Jenny Smith have been working hard to get the house ready. Margaret and John arrived Sunday and have been helping add things, do some shopping and generally dress the house. All the furnishings are lovely . Everything chosen carefully add to the comfortable feeling of the place. The owners will enjoy this place for many years to come. 
Yesterday Margaret and I went to Brignoles – about 1/2 hour away – to buy a wine rack they had seen. We managed to fit it in the car and also purchased 2 bowls for 3 & 2 euros each . It WAS  a second hand shop. 
The Wine Rack
In the evening we headed of to a very smart restaurant along with Sophie their real estate agent and Susana the lady who will look after the house for them in lots of little ways. She arranges the workmen, advises on places to shop and will look after any friends who come to stay. Both young women are interesting and fun to talk to. One is French, the other American Japanese married to a Frenchman.  The food was great and we walked home in 5 minutes at about 12.15am!!!!!
Slept well  in bedroom 3 and got up for breakfast around 8. Great start to my stay in Cotignac. Check out the Australians in Cotignac Facebook page and see the house. 

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