The days are going so quickly. 

I’ll be home soon and I think I’m ready! 
We’re been busy exploring this village and others nearby. Today we went to several places around the district and stopped for lunch in Aups. Then Margaret and I wandered through Carces nearby before stopping at Carpe Diem winery for a small tasting. 
We got in the mood for tasting after a rather lovely on in the main street if Cotignac yesterday. All the locals turned out for a tasting supplied by the boys  at the Spar supermarket. They supplied wines – the new beaujolais and lots of little eats. The street was awash with people tasting and air kissing. We met some other Aussies so matched the locals with both drinks and laughter.

Jenny and Peter Smith left on Friday morning and Vaughan and Rose, a young couple from Switzerland and friends of John and Margaret’s, arrived on Friday afternoon. So it was housework and cooking – something I have lost touch with over the months. 
We had a lovely dinner and drank some of the new Rose from Carpe Diem and then a beaujolais from the boys! 
Off to bed. A day trip to the Aix en Provence markets is on tomorrow and I’m excited. 

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