Bike riding

Lynne Lesley and I went for a bike ride into  La Quinta village . It was a lovely flat ride along bike paths down streets lined with bougainvillea in the richest red, past the entrances to lovely gold resorts and into the quaint streets of the old town. . It’s quite Mexican looking with white building tile roofs and a great coffee shop. Had my first bagel YUM. And a lovely coffee before browsing the streets. Lycra clad bike riders are in the coffee shops here as well as home and though we were bike riders we certainly weren’t wearing Lycra.

Rode home and rested by plunging in the pool and reclining on deck chairs. 
After lunch we headed  out to the biggest Costco . For those who don’t know Costco is huge and has everything you might want to buy from electrical things to food and even a toilet. A sort of cross between Woolies,  Target, Bunnings , BWS, at the cheapest prices imaginable. We bought food for dinner, bra  and knickers, wine, a book but passed on the car and the glasses. 
Had a beautiful margarita before dinner which we all cooked. Caprese salad followed by Delicious chicken with mushrooms, asparagus yum!

Watched a little tv and so to bed.