Dinner out

Tonight we went to the home of another school friend of Tom and Jim. David is a doctor and now has Parkinson’s. his wife Madeline is a lovely lady who had prepared an Indian feast.
They own a house at Lake Mirage in Rancho Mirage about 1/2 hr drive away. It’s set around a lake and has a pool out the front of the house. All very swish .
There were other people there – all very friendly though a certain gentleman nearly bored the socks off me! Lynne was very naughty and kept asking questions to change the direction of the conversation but that just set him off on another long story.
 The Calgarians head to the Palm Valley area like we head to the coast. They play tennis, golf , shop , ride bikes and generally hang out like we do at the coast- though probably a little more active and energetic.
So home and to bed! 

Friends and outlets

Last night friends of Tom and Lynne’s arrived for a couple of days. We had a lovely dinner with lots of chat and got to bed around 11pm. We needed some energy for the next day trip to Cabazon the outlet centre.
We had a good breakfast and armed with water bottles and credit cards headed off to the center about 1/2 hr away. It was the biggest center I have seen …. All painted desert colours. And wow the selection of shops was amazing.
We in Australia just don’t know what outlet shopping is like. It’s set up so well. It’s cheap, it’s clean and it’s not full of rubbish . I could have done even more damage than I did.
Just a few shoes- but medical ones for my poor feet! That’s what I call Ecco shoes and some lovely Cole Hann loafer type and some pewter wedges. I found a new linen jacket for Steve! Glasses for Rob and Brendan, two pants ( Anne Taylor)  red jeans and linen  ones from DKNY. A