New dress success

 Met a friend of Lynne’s for lunch before a little Palm  Desert rambling and shopping. Found some lovely white casual pants and two tank tops. The clothes here are so much cheaper than home. 
It’s not fair!

Another lovely day in the desert area.
Went to the gym at the golf club before heading of to meet Lynne’s friend Trisha .

Then visited a few galleries and lunch at Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant. Delicious Kale salad. we then hit the shops again Macy’s and lucky me  found a dress to wear to my niece’s  wedding. A Calvin Klein black and yellow number. I tried on about 8 dresses and finally the last one was a winner. It’s straight through with black panels on the side and black yellow and white.
Big success.
We got home and met Lynne and Toms friends Audrey and Jim.  Jim Tom and Audrey were all at Primary school together. Jim is even taller than Tom!
Went to bed and tried to sleep the whole night through!