Day1: Malta

What a journey! Our flights with Emirates were all terrific and towards the end from Dubai via Lanarca we bonded with the cabin steward and he took some photos! Not sure if the 26+hours of  travel have me looking my best but it was good fun.

He  took some photos and presented them to us  in little Emirates photo frames. he took them with one of those polaroid cameras   

We were tickled to think our pilots on the last leg were Americans named Chuck and Randy and trusted with names like that they weren’t more used to driving bulls not planes.

Nevertheless we arrived in Malta to warm sunny conditions with the bluest of blue skies. Our apartment owner Michael met us in arrivals and drove us to the apartment. The apartment is (as friend Jill said “fairly modest”) but in a great position and has wonderful views of Valetta harbour.

Grand Harbour from our apartment
From our apartment

We quickly freshened up and wenт off to explore Valletta.
It’s a gorgeous old town with lots of up and down sloping streets. The afternoon light made it seem so beautiful. It’s on a peninsula with the Grand Harbour for big ships on the side our apartment is on.


our apartment
our street

We walked around the streets and found our way to the water and just walked. The buildings are built with the softest pink stone and look wonderful –  even the crumbling ones look great.

Steve has already brought his Mediterranean trip hat, and I have as well. It’s always our first stop: new hat, map, check out the sights and then a beer for Steve and an Aperol spritz for me.
So all is good!

The man in the hat

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