Marine dei Ragusa to Agrigento – Tuesday

Outside Montalbano’s casa

Woke to sunny skies and went straight across the road for a swim. Cooler today with quite a wind blowing. Got in and did a swim with Steve but once again was put off by the waves! Bit fussy? Perhaps!
Packed and had breakfast . Never really very exciting at these place. Always light on the fruit and heavy on the breakfast cakes. Can’t be healthy can it?

Set off for my hero, Inspector Montalbano’s Casa at Punta Secca. It was just like in the TV show and there were a few other tourists having photos along with me. It’s set in a very small village and sits at the end of a small bay – where Montalbano swims each morning. I was sorry we hadn’t stayed here. Though the village was little it might have been lovely to be right at my hero’s house!

I was hoping to see him but Steve reminded me that it’s just on TV. I think he is so popular now that many Italian men are copying his bald head and calling it sexy! Which reminds me , the sexy Italian red pants for men are sadly not being worn his year! Is it too hot? Or have they had their day! Hope not as I rather like them.

Did not swim in Montalbano’s bay as it was far too windy so we just kept on towards Agrigento and wanted to stop at the Scala de Turchi – a beach where the white rocks run all the way down to the beach. We found it and had it been a still day may have swum but decided on a walk instead.

Steve was rather intrigued by the lifesaver so i’ll let him describe the scene a little later in the post.

Scala de Turchi

By 2pm we had arrived at our lovely B&B “Camera con vista” and what a vista – view, it has of the temples. The B&B is not in a village. It’s on its own down a road but the view to the park is wonderful   We are right on the Valley of the Temple. A good choice instead of staying in a crowded Agrigento . Our lovely host ( wearing the latest in glasses frames) told us the best way to “do” the Valley and we took his advice.

He suggested we get a taxi to the top entrance to the park and then walk down through the park ending at the bottom gate. Rom her it was a short walk back to the B&B. This was a perfect way to visit these amazing temples.  We had a great walk through these amazing temples and are now sitting on our private terrace , outside our huge room, having a refreshing beer and looking at the temples as we toast our luck in securing this place.

We decided we didn’t want to drive anywhere for dinner so arranged  Pizza tonight from a little local place. Haven’t had one yet!
So we got take away with take away vino rosso and we were set . We sat on our terrace and soaked up the view. see the view below –  romantic!

night view from our terrace

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