On the way!

The day started well!

I was all organised and hopefully secured the house before I left at 8 this morning. 
Into the Qantas lounge and a little breakfast, read the paper and had a chat to Clare on the phone. 
Onto the plane and it wasn’t very crowded at all. Being out of Brisbane and just to HK it was the same sort of plane you get to go to Melbourne in. Still quite good and the crew were very nice. 
Now I’m into a 5 hour wait in HK for the flight to Paris. I’m waiting for Steve to arrive from Melbourne where he managed to sneak a meeting or two in before he jumped on the plane. 
If you have to wait, then the Qantas lounge is the place to be. It’s very large and has little restaurants scattered through it. I had a nice prawn in black bean dish with a glass of white. Just can’t eat any more though! 
I’ve been checking out the weather in St Remy and Montpellier and the first few days look good and then they are predicting rain – while the Surf Lifesaving titles are on! Hope not. It won’t be too pleasant in the rain. 
Next post will be from Paris. 

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