Swimming from Island to island


Weather came up during the night which meant a change of plan. 
We packed the bus with bags and headed for the other side of the island. 
Most had to walk and myself, Dave from NZ and James went in the bus with Ricky to help with the luggage. Well I’m sure the men wouldn’t have volunteered if they had seen how far they had to carry everyone’s bags. That wasn’t in the brochure! 



 We loaded Ari’s boat carefully – he is very strict on this boat –  then we motored over to another island, stopped along the coast and swam from there, finishing with a small crossing. We  swam up to the most beautiful sandy  beach had morning tea and walked to our hotel.  Lovely morning swim.


Settled into our new hotel was easy . It’s really lovely, in a good position by the water, has a pool, coloured chairs and decorating ideas straight from a Greek magazine! 



A lovely lunch by the pool , followed by a bus ride across the island to a long beach with gorgeous turquoise water. Quite a number of people at the beach had unfortunately forgotten their togs – very European! We had found the nude beach. It was funny as we were putting on all our swimming gear. Wet shirt, wet suits, fins, goggles etc.
The water looked better than it was to  swim! We swam and swam to get around the majestic headlands and found the best caves to swim into. It was more challenging than it looked. But Ricky and Emma were there encouraging us all the way and we made it. Such a great feeling.



Back to the beach for a coffee before the bus arrived to drive us back.


Looking forward to dinner tonight.
We walked into the charming village and found the restaurant Ricky had arranged for us.
Great night, great food and a great nights sleep.









We enjoyed a good breakfast and made our way to the harbour so we could motor over to a nearby island to make our first crossing! Wow is all can say. 


It was fairly rough and choppy as we started out and by the end we earned our lunch. We must have swum at least 4 or more km. not a bad effort for the first day. I fell a lot more confident this year, knowing I can keep going – something I wasnt sure of last year..




Another good lunch this time prepared by Ricky and Emma sitting under the shade at the beach bar.



The afternoon swim was from  the port and around the headland back to the beach. We swam with Ricky which was great. He pointed things out and was diving down to show us sponges and rocks and kept a reasonable pace for us. Back on the beach we lazed before walking slowly back up the hill. Dinner was back at the Deli Bar where we choose from the menu and it was great. I had BBQ calamari. Quite delicious.





Steve enjoyed raki which Chris thinks it is really rocket fuel. Steve seems to like it.





Packed and off to bed. Leaving this hotel tomorrow for Koufonisia






SUNDAY: Swim Trek Begins




Well the swim has started! We walked down to the beach, a rocky walk mostly down hill! Wasn’t looking forward to the uphill with my so knee! 


The bay was lovely, quite deserted,  a little unkept and we stopped and put our gear at the beach bar and creamed up and went into the water for our first swim- a 400 metre swim starting with Ricky along the beach around Emma and back. This gave them a chance to check out our style and speed.



We were all pretty good with the few at the top, and Jill and I and maybe one or two others in the slower group ( not that we cared as we just want to be able to enjoy the swims.



We had the usual swim trek morning tea of tea coffee fruit and packet biscuits  before we started out training session. We all learned the swim signals and then started a few drill to help with the distance sea swimming. It was a good introduction – one we didn’t get last year as the group were all experienced swimmers. Still it was a good revision to be able to think of our stroke.



Then the big starring moment! The video camera was brought out and Emma took control. She had us swim towards her then pass in front of her to the right for twenty metres, then repeated it all underwater!





Can’t wait for the video analysis tonight!





Then it was lunch. We wandered up the stairs to a lovely little restaurant all blue and white with white billowing curtains around a LONG table set by the edge of the garden overlooking the sea. Not bad. Lunch was the usual beautiful Greek salad, pasta and sparkling water. No alcohol at lunch as we have another swim in the afternoon.





Siesta time followed and we all stretched out on one of the sun beds under the shade of the trees scattered along the beach bar.





Then the challenge starts. We swam out and around a small island, across to a headland, along the headland and into another gorgeous bay, around the bay and along the coast till we reached a little blue and white church. So picturesque. Then across the bay to reach Arki’ s boat.





Now I haven’t mentioned Arki. He is Greek, tried to be charming, and owns the yacht that swim trek use for its week long treks. We had heard he was particular – he is ridiculously so!  A we climbed the ladder to get on his boat he hoses you down practically orders you along in how to move and where to sit. A little over the top in my opinion.





We motored back to the beach bar and rested awhile before the long rocky climb up the hill to our hotel. That wasn’t in the brochure!!!!!





Video analysis time meant drink time as Ricky and Emma showed the first group their video! It was slowed and replayed several times as they made constructive comments about our swimming. It was very good and gave us lots of work on over the next few days. We sat with Kim and David and had many laughs.





We prepared for our dinner together at A little courtyard restaurant. It’s a  little restaurant in the small village. We ordered things to start and then an individual meal each. All was going really well- starters great. Then 3 people got their mains and nearly an hour  and several requests and many apologies  later our main courses started to arrive. Seems there was an issue with the BBQ gas! 



Huge meals and most of us didn’t feel like it any more!





The glass half empty girl Maryanne from Sydney made her displeasure loud and clear. Oh boy it could be a long week with her!