We enjoyed a good breakfast and made our way to the harbour so we could motor over to a nearby island to make our first crossing! Wow is all can say. 


It was fairly rough and choppy as we started out and by the end we earned our lunch. We must have swum at least 4 or more km. not a bad effort for the first day. I fell a lot more confident this year, knowing I can keep going – something I wasnt sure of last year..




Another good lunch this time prepared by Ricky and Emma sitting under the shade at the beach bar.



The afternoon swim was from  the port and around the headland back to the beach. We swam with Ricky which was great. He pointed things out and was diving down to show us sponges and rocks and kept a reasonable pace for us. Back on the beach we lazed before walking slowly back up the hill. Dinner was back at the Deli Bar where we choose from the menu and it was great. I had BBQ calamari. Quite delicious.





Steve enjoyed raki which Chris thinks it is really rocket fuel. Steve seems to like it.





Packed and off to bed. Leaving this hotel tomorrow for Koufonisia





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